About Us


Requirements for Membership

Membership is similar to most other lineage societies. A person must be 18 years of age and of the Protestant faith.

He or she should be of good moral character and of lineal descent through either the maternal or paternal line from a Huguenot who either emigrated from France to America or to other countries; or one who remained in France despite persecution.

Consideration is given without regard to gender or origin so long as the applicant is personally acceptable to the Council. Membership is by invitation.


Day of Remembrance Last Saturday in October
Annual Meeting Last Saturday in March

Purpose of the Society

The Virginia Huguenot Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history and genealogy of the members of this Protestant Reformation which took place in France during the 16th century. The origin and history of the Huguenots is a fascinating and compelling account of religious persecution.

Insignia of the Society

The Huguenot Cross has eight points which stand for the Beatitudes from the Book of Matthew in the New Testament. Between each arm of the cross is a fleur-de-lis or lily, representing purity. Suspended from the bottom is a dove signifying the Holy Spirit. The Huguenot Cross was designed and first manufactured in 1688.