About Us

The Virginia Huguenot Society

Early History

We began as The Huguenot Society of Virginia, a state society within the National Huguenot Society, organized October 27, 1961 at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, D.C. State officers were installed and conducted the first meeting of the Virginia Society.

Historically the Huguenot Society of Virginia has met twice a year, on the last Saturday in March and October. Initially the Spring Meeting was the Annual Meeting and was held in conjunction with a luncheon. The Fall Meeting began with a Council Meeting for officers and Council members followed by lunch shared by members and guests. The first anniversary was celebrated by a "Day of Remembrance" service at Manakin Episcopal Church, King William Parish, Powhatan County, on October 27, 1963 with rector Rev. W. C. Christian as host. Huguenots originally founded the church in 1700 when several shiploads of refugees arrived at Hampton.

Present History

During the 2000's the Society had experienced growing dissatisfaction with practices of the National Huguenot Society. At the March 2007 meeting in Tappahannock, the Huguenot Society of Virginia voted to withdraw from the national group. This was finalized on December 19, 2010. We are now The Virginia Huguenot Society, an independent national society that is in support of, but not directly affiliated with any other national Huguenot group. Membership is limited neither by geographical considerations, nor Huguenot ancestors‘ location of residency in the Colonies or the United States.

There are other independent Huguenot societies in South Carolina, New York, Texas, and Maryland. The insignia, ritual, eligibility requirements and meeting schedule for The Virginia Huguenot Society are similar to other independent Huguenot groups.